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Our Values

St Matthew’s Church: Our 12 Core Values

  1. We believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead so that we can live life to the full.
  2. We believe that in Jesus Christ there is forgiveness of sins, reconciliation, salvation, peace, healing and hope for the future.
  3. We believe in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit – that each of us is on a journey towards becoming more like Christ.
  4. We believe in a good and loving God.  We don’t always understand him but we go on learning together in fellowship with one another. He works sometimes in mysterious ways, and through all people.
  5. We believe that God made everyone equal, all people are unconditionally loved by him. We welcome everyone, and anyone, just as you are.
  6. We believe we all have different gifts and abilities to serve God.
  7. We seek to love one another as his disciples, caring, giving, and serving each other as community and building one another up in faith.
  8. Our God is generous beyond our comprehension and we seek to be generous as individuals and as a church community.
  9. We seek to provide a space where God can find you, and you can find Him.
  10. Our understanding is that God has a particular concern for the poor and we seek to reflect that in the way we serve and love other people. We seek social justice in our nation, in the world, and as an expression of this support the Fairtrade movement.
  11. God appointed us as to care for his world. This involves taking personal responsibility for our own environmental footprint, and working together for the common good.
  12. We support other Christian Churches realising that none of us have all the answers; we respect people of other faiths and none, and will work with all people for a better world.
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