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Christenings (Baptisms)

Celebrating new life and giving thanks to God

We are delighted to offer Christenings for babies and young children.

If you live in Wilsden or have connections with St Matthew’s, we shall be delighted to Christen your child.  If you live elsewhere then it is probably more appropriate that you contact your local parish church.

Christening is entry to the Christian Church, although it doesn't actually make you or your baby a Christian!  During the service, parents and Godparents undertake to turn away from evil, and to follow Jesus, and to bring up your child as a member of the Christian church.  Christening is like setting out on a journey, it is the first step of a lifetime’s pilgrimage towards and with God.  As your local church we are pleased to offer all the help we can to assist you and your child to fulfill your promises.

We can usually offer a choice of either, a private service at 1.30 on a Sunday afternoon, or a Christening within the main pubic worship at 9:30 on a Sunday morning.  The choice is yours except that if your guest list is very large it may not be possible to accommodate you in the public service.

You will asked to do your best to attend at least two of our Pick'n'Mix family worship services prior to the Christening.  If you have chosen a private ceremony, then at the Family worship immediately before the Christening, we shall introduce your child to the congregation and shall bless him/her and give thanks to God for him/her.

In addition, the priest who will be conducting your Christening service will phone you to arrange to visit you, to get to know you a little, and to talk you through what happens at the actual Christening.  He or she will also try to help you to understand the promises and commitments that will be made during the service and the meaning of baptism.

And as the service draws near the whole congregation will be praying for you………

You will need to find some suitable Godparents.  You should be looking for three per child of whom at least one should be of the same sex as the child.  They should be 18 or over, Christened themselves, and people who you think will support you in encouraging your child to live a Christian life. (You may have more than three if you wish).

No. We are delighted to offer Christenings as a blessing to you and your family.  But there will be a collection plate in the church for any offerings you or your visitors wish to make, because the local church depends entirely on voluntary donations. If you are hoping to make a donation, then we encourage the use one of our special gift aid envelopes that will enable us to claim tax back from the Inland Revenue that you have already paid.

To book a date please phone the Vicar on 01535 273758. (Day off is Monday). We usually book Christenings at least 2-3 months in advance, and often more.  We shall be delighted to hear from you. 
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